Jade Leaf

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5mm Design - Luxury Homeware
Jade Leaf
  • Rock crystal decorative object.
  • Leaf shape sculpture.
  • Natural Jade base.
  • Each natural jade base in unique in colour.
  • Leaf sculpture made from plated iron.
  • Materials: Iron, Jade.
  • Top interior design trend.
  • Trendy designer gift for luxury homes.
  • Natural stone ornament.
  • Available in 3 sizes: Short, medium and tall.
  • Short dimensions: W12 D10 H35cm.
  • Medium dimensions: W17 D10 H45cm. 
  • Tall dimensions: W20 D10 H55cm.
  • Short - tall size sculpture for styling coffee tables, shelves display units, niches and console tables.

Part of our Natural Crystal Forest Collection, the Jade Leaf is a trendy addition to any luxury home accessories collection. The Jade Leaf consists of a gold painted Iron leaf that is presented on a genuine jade base that combines hue colours of mint green, taupe, yellow and ivory.

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